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The Icebreakers of Proprietary Trading


The Purpose of Our Journey

At Arctic Funding, we're dedicated to empowering traders with advanced tools and expansive asset selections, emphasizing equities. Our commitment to education, spearheaded by leading trading minds, ensures that every trader can harness their potential. We're not just a platform; we're a catalyst for disciplined, skillful trading, fostering an environment where strategy and success converge.


The Destination We Strive For

Our vision at Arctic Funding is to set a new standard for transparency and support within the trading industry. We strive to cultivate a community of learning and mutual success, underpinned by exceptional customer service. We provide a reliable foundation for both new and experienced traders, aiming to be the cornerstone of their trading journey, where every achievement is recognized, and every trade propels them forward.

Meet The Team

Buddima Dalpathadu

Founder and CEO

Buddima, a former tech YouTuber turned trader, transitioned from options trading to forex and indices just to take advantage of prop firms. He later founded a fintech-specialized marketing firm, collaborating with well-known prop firms (three of them are now top 10 in the industry). Motivated by a desire to improve industry practices and address the needs of stocks and options traders, he established Arctic Funding. His vision is to enhance transparency in trading through content and build a versatile platform supported by a talented team, catering to forex, futures, and options traders alike.

Nikolai Hauck


With five years in the trading space, Nikolai has experienced the highs and lows of the trading journey. He always aspired to be funded, but his focus on stocks and options was not supported by prop firms at the time. To bridge this gap, he has partnered with industry experts to introduce funding opportunities for traders like himself. As CMO, Nikolai is committed to extending these opportunities to the trading community through Arctic Funding.
Nikolai Hauck

Lenny M


Lenny M, serving as the Chief Commercial Officer at Arctic Funding, brings over a decade of experience in CFD brokerage and a foray into the prop trading space, he leverages his own technology and advisory services to drive the company's growth. His expertise in forming strategic partnerships, optimizing sales channels, and refining marketing strategies, along with his active involvement in networking and fundraising for startups, positions Arctic Funding for success in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Marcus Fetherston

Strategic Consultant

Marcus is a seasoned Retail CFD Broker Operations Manager with over eight years of experience. Having previously held key positions at Eightcap as Director of Operations and Pepperstone, he developed the trading infrastructure and liquidity solutions that propelled the growth of prop firms under Eightcap's brokerage. Now, as a strategic consultant for Arctic Funding, Marcus is instrumental in developing trade technology and advising on infrastructure, risk management, and overall operations, ensuring the firm's robust and efficient functioning.